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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oh what fun it is to play dress up with a kitty!!!

My daughter who I will refer to as my owl (obsessed with owls) loves her crazy kitty Jingle. Jingle is her baby and she is her mom which makes me a grandma, yes I am oh so happy to be called grandma at age 36 but at least it is to a cat. Miss Jingle is subjected to dresses, bibs, feedings, burping, nap time and time out as my owl says. I will say this is most patient kitten I have ever seen. I would like to think she actually loves doing all the things my owl subjects her to.

So I can across this costume for Halloween and I think it is perfect for Miss Jingle. I'm so excited about it, I can't wait to show my owl. Of course this costume only sells in Japan.

Then I found this one on EBAY and it ships from North Korea, it may or may not arrive by Halloween. Looks like I will be trying to DIY project here in the next week. Wish me Luck! I will be sure to post an update on whatever we decide to do. :-)

Here is a picture of my owl and her kitty Jingle all dressed up in her fancy party dress. Now don't you think Miss Jingle will love this Hello Kitty Costume. I think so and I'm sure my little owl will agree.