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Monday, October 7, 2013

Candy Corn Wine Bottles & Fall Table Display

It isn't easy painting wine bottles unless your an expert painter, which I am not. I am just your average girl trying anything and everything on pinterest. Spray painting wine bottles wasn't that easy either, but here are some tips...  The first thing I did was soak the bottles in warm water to peel the labels off.  I used 2 clear wine bottles that i spray painted white first. Then I painted orange and I twirled the bottle repeatedly as it dried so the paint did not drip. Then I painted the last part yellow and once again twirled the bottle until it dried. My final step was to touch up the paint as needed until I finally got the colors I desired. Then I let dry overnight. One bottle I tied a ribbon around and the other I left plain for the time being. I am still trying to get my craft room ready but drywall and sanding has prevented that from happening.

HERE IS MY FALL TABLE DISPLAY... Those cute little candles are just small mason jars I got from the dollar store filled with candy corn and a pumpkin candle then I tied burlap around the jar.