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Monday, October 14, 2013

Love this Product!!!! Skinny Girl Night Firming Cream


 I was strolling one day through Burlington Coat Factory one afternoon and came across this cute little container of firming cream. First thought was what girl doesn't want to be skinny and how could I not give this product a shot.  It was the packaging that caught my eye and the price that sealed the deal being the thrifty mom, it was under $10.00, SCORE!!!!

 So now it has been a few months and a empty container later, I do love this product. I apply it at night before bed and when I wake up I do notice my legs look so much better. It's a thicker cream, smells nice and appears to do what they say it will. So what's not to love!

 So my container is empty and I went on a treasure hunt to find some more. Walmart has discontinued selling this product, however I did find it on Amazon! YEA BABY!!!! I love Amazon too. has a few of their other products.

After some research it looks like Bethenny Frankel launched the beauty cream line in November 2011 and it looks like it has been discontinued. Oh gosh that sucks!!! I better stock up now... She has a new direction with her skinnygirl line and looks like cocktails and wine is the next wave of this company. I might have to find a bottle of her skinnygirl wine and see if I like that as much as her firming cream. Click here or the picture below to view the whole skinnygirl cocktails line.