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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Party Favor Ideas & Flower Girl Basket

I've been quite a little busy bee lately working on several projects. I wanted to share a few of those things with you.

I made these for party favors, they can be used for engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, etc. They were very inexpensive to create. I bought the mints in bulk at Sams Club for $8.00 for 24.  I bought the paper and flowers at Michaels for less than $4.00 (big sale and coupons).  I already purchased the burlap type yarn at Walmart. I created the wording in MS Word and printed on regular white card stock and cut.

-Cut the paper to the size of the wrapper of the mints leaving some of the silver showing. Cut it about 3.5 inches long
-roll the paper around the mint securing it with craft glue
-wrap the burlap style yard around the mint holding it with a tie/knot
-use a hole punch and put a hole in the top corner of the white cardstock printed saying and place the burlap yarn through the hole.
- create a bow as you were tying your shoes
-glue the paper flower on with craft bond glue and your all set.

The next project I worked on was Flower Seed Packets. I cut the paper a little bigger than the actual seed packet. I scored big on the seeds, picking them up at the dollar tree for 10 cents each. Then I folded the paper twice, I folded the bottom up almost covering the whole packet then folded the upper half. I punched a hole through both folds and tied it up with burlap ribbon/yarn. I printed out a cute saying and cut them out to fit on the seed packet.

The next project was a flower girl basket. I had a little basket, then I hot glued the blue ribbon around the handle, I cut pieces of white tulle then I hot glued the pieces of tulle all around the basket making it look like a tutu then covered the ends of the tulle with orange ribbon. I also have orange flower petals in the basket.