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Monday, December 23, 2013

Quick and Easy Deer Cookies

We made these little treats last night, they were quick and easy. Very simple for the kids to make and decorate. They also enjoyed eating them. Yummy!

All you need is Betty Crocker sugar cookie in the bag mix I used 2 packages
M&M's Red and Green
Chocolate Chips
Cinnamon for the deer who been playing in the dirt. lol

First prepare the sugar cookie mix as on the package then form in a ball and smoosh down onto wax paper or cookie pan and form into a shape that resembles a deer (bigger head/top part and smaller point where the nose should be)

add 2 chocolate chips for eyes or green M&M's

Break mini pretzels in half to make the rack/antlers.

dash a little cinnamon to make it appear the deer has been in the dirt.

Our Deer Family! So cute!!!